FUJIFILM’s Instax SQUARE SQ10 And mini 9

FUJIFILM announced two brand new cameras in their instax lineup with the instax SQUARE SQ10, and the instax mini 9. Both cameras are unique in their own ways, and is vying for a spot in each instant camera lover’s pocket.

The birth of the the hybrid instant camera - the instax SQUARE SQ10 - was built around the theme of ‘‘The New Shape of Creativity”. Hybrid in this case means that it combines both utilities of instant printing and digital technologies together. Easy to hold and easier to navigate, turning on the SQ10 only requires you to rotate the lens ring. Built into the SQ10 are two easy access shutter buttons, located on the front side of the camera.

Left-handers will enjoy using it, as it allows them to take pictures with their dominant hand without fuss. As mentioned in the name of the SQ10, it can take square photos in a perfect 1:1 aspect ratio, which is gaining popularity in recent years.

The mini 9 comes with five brilliantly differing colours – cobalt blue, flamingo pink, ice blue, lime green and smoky white. The mini 9 features a selfie mirror beside the lens, so you can check your selfies before snapping away. Included in the bundle is also a close-up lens attachment, which allows you to take pictures from 35cm away.

It will also automatically determine the best brightness for your pictures, so all you need to do is manually turn the dial to the lit position and snap away. Both cameras are available now from participating stores nationwide.

Credits To: chip.com.my, fujifilm.com

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