Backpack PC: MSI VR ONE 065

Just as you’re about to dive into a fantasy world, you’re brought back down to Earth because your VR headset is still attached to your PC with a cable. Plan your break from reality with MSI’s latest backpack PC, which straps a high-powered VR-capable gaming PC on to your back, so you can move about freely.

And at just 3.6 kg, it weighs about the same as a big laptop – and it boasts Intel’s latest i7 processor, Nvidia’s scorching-hot GTX 1070 graphics card with 8 GB of video RAM on board, and two hot-swappable 90-watt-hour batteries. They're not yet available to buy, but MSI plans to sell additional batteries and a battery charging dock, which would allow you to swap in fresh batteries as you play. It’s hard not to imagine the VR ONE as a suit of Fallout power armour – fusion cores and all.

VR backpack’s armor design highlights power, braveness and mobility. Its muscled shape with aerodynamic outlines create the look of a super hero in the VR world.. Applications of VR One.

The ultra-lightweight design includes a cooling system with large down-firing exhausts that could easily pass for a jetpack. For gaming, as nice as it is to enjoy room-scale VR without a cord underfoot, it's hard to recommend the VR ONE for the average consumer interested in VR.

Because there are so many technical challenges that come along with it the VR ONE is going to make entering the VR world even more complicated than it already is, and it's a poor fit for VR-curious newbies. Overall, the MSI VR ONE is a compelling choice for VR enthusiasts looking to cut the cord on the HTC Vive.

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