Abigail: Next Character Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5, producer Yoshinori Ono announced a new playable character for the game. The next character coming to Street Fighter 5 is Abigail, and he will be added as a DLC character.

This news was unveiled during the Street Fighter 5 finals of Evo 2017, the world’s premier fighting game tournament. Abigail originates from the classic 1989 beat ’em up Final Fight, in which he plays the role of the final boss of the second-to-last stage. He is a top lieutenant of the Mad Gear Gang and quite the brute, as you can see from his size, think of Hugo, except bigger and more comically proportioned.

Abigail will be part of the Season 2 Character Pass, alongside Akuma, Kolin, Ed, two more characters and his stage Metro City Bar Area will be available on July 25.

As one might imagine, Abigail uses his massive size to his advantage. He's not easily knocked down and he can toss his opponents around like ragdolls, while juggling them with piston punches. 
Street Fighter 5 is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC. Watch the Abigail reveal trailer above.

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