Pastebin Allows You To Store Text Online

Founded in 2002, the site has about 1.7 million registered users, mostly programmers who use it to store pieces of source code or dense configuration information.

Pastebin allows you to store text online for easy sharing but it wasn’t previously much good on mobile devices, particularly for computer programmers and web designers looking to share long strings of code. That’s now changed. This overhaul may not look substantial – the site still has a large input box, a few editing options and couple of adverts – but it now looks and works better on mobile devices.

Just as before, you can highlight text and set an expiration date for your pasted text, from 10 minutes to a month. Text is made public by default but if you become a member, you can opt for ‘private pasting’. If you’re sharing huge amounts of text, Pastebin is pretty unbeatable.

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When you create an account you get your own Pastebin. This means you can now store pastes and have full control over them at any point in the future. Having your own Pastebin is also great for sharing your pastes with others. Your Pastebin is both public and private at the same time. Your public pastes are visible to everybody while the private ones are only visible to you.
Having long code strings fit on a tiny mobile screens was the challenge, but we managed to pull it off. The look and feel we’ve tried to go for is a flat and modern look. All the images have been remade from scratch & now also look great on retina displays.
- Jeroen Vader

The site now supports syntax highlighting in 227 languages and sees 18 million monthly visitors. They’ve also updated the code base and security to ensure your snippets of Haskell are in good hands.

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